What an Ozone System can do for your Hot Tub Water

In a recent comment from the blog post on how to balance hot tub water, it was mentioned that ozone systems can increase the efficiency of the salt water hot tub water chemistry.  This is very true! So I wanted to write a post on what ozone systems can do to hot tub water – in spas with and without salt water. (Thanks for the comment Patti!)

What an Ozone System does

Oxygen is the fundamental ingredient found in all different forms of water sanitization and oxidization.

An ozone system uses oxygen to oxidize bacteria in a hot tub.  This is the oldest form of water maintenance in the world. Mother Nature has been using oxygen to clean water since the beginning of time.  Oxygen has the chemical composition of o2.  Ozone has an extra oxygen molecule so the chemical composition of ozone is o3.  This extra oxygen molecule is known as a free radical (meaning unstable).   Being that the o3 is unstable, this oxygen molecule will actively seek out something to attach itself to and stabilize.  Once it attaches to a piece of bacteria, the oxygen molecule oxidizes the bacteria.

Oxygen is the strongest natural oxidizer on the planet and is over 100 times stronger than chlorine or bromine at oxidizing bacteria.  Health Canada requires the use of a chemical sanitizer, chlorine or bromine in addition to oxygen – to ensure that harmful bacteria can not develop in a hot tub. All hot tubs in Canada need chlorine or bromine. Since Health Canada requires the use of chlorine or bromine in hot tub water, we can’t recommend using only oxygen to keep water safe and balanced.  The next best thing a spa owner can do is utilize ozone systems to kill most of the bacteria in the water. By doing this, you can have chlorine or bromine in smaller doses to remove any bacteria that is not killed by the ozone system.

This will reduce your overall exposure to chlorine and bromine by a large margin which is very appealing to most hot tub owners.  The benefits of ozone go even further than this to reduce your exposure to chemical sanitizers.

Do you have an Ozone System in your hot tub? Share your comments with us!

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How (and more importantly Why) you should try salt water in your hot tub

One of the most common questions that people ask me these days is about how salt water works in a hot tub. Spa owners are starting to hear the buzz from swimming pool owners and want to know if this can work in their spa. Most times, people come into our store after being in a salt water pool or spa and they have no idea how it works. Once you have tried salt water, it changes the way you look at hot tub water chemistry.

Without getting into a science lesson, salt is used as a base ingredient in a system that combines it with an electrolysis process to create a sanitizer that kills hot tub bacteria. The salt is separated chemically by the electrodes of the generator.  Salt has a chemical relationship to chlorine and the electrolysis allows us to extract chlorine from the salt. The newly created chlorine kills the closest piece of bacteria it can find, and reverts back into salt. Think of it like as a hot tub chemical recycling station.

When you come into the store to ask about salt water, the real question you should be asking isn’t “How does salt water work?” but “Why should I invest in salt water for my spa?” Using salt water in a hot tub offers so many benefits; you’ll want to hear about them all!

When I had my salt water hot tub delivered these were the benefits I was most excited about:

  • Salt water sanitization systems vastly reduce the amount of time and money you will spend maintaining the quality of water in your hot tub. Monitoring water balance levels is still an important part of spa ownership however a salt system is designed to minimize the amount of time you will need to spend. Five minutes per week is how long I spend maintaining my salt water spa.
  • Salt water systems have softer water because of the salt content. This results in less drying effect on skin. This actually has the opposite effect of typical hot tub water in that it can help to make your skin feel softer and smoother.
  • The simplified maintenance allows for easier overall control of pH and total alkalinity in the water.  This means fewer incidents of red eyes, less chlorine smell from the water and less cost and exposure to chemicals.

I have had a salt water hot tub for years and I continue to appreciate it year after year. I love that my skin feels soft; my hair doesn’t smell of chlorine and water chemistry is low maintenance. Including the occasional flush, drain and refill, I probably spend about 5-10 minutes per week maximum on my spa, that’s it!

Do you have a salt water system for your hot tub? Are you thinking about switching to salt water? Leave a comment and share your thoughts with me, the hot tub guy. Bookmark this page or check out my website http://www.jacuzziontario.com/

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